Please Don’t Feed The Beast

16 Apr

As preparations are underway for the upcoming civil suit being brought against AEG by Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson’s children, the MJ fan community is being inundated with gossip and speculation as the rumor-mill turns frantically once again. Social media is on fire with stories of who will be called to give testimony, how much of Michael’s private medical history will be discussed and what unsavory stories will be told – all fueled by our ever-present nemesis, the Media.

In the past MJTruthNow has actively encouraged fans and advocates to engage with the media in an intelligent effort to educate and thereby bring about a change to the public perception of Michael’s persona. But, it may be time for us all to step back and DIS-ENGAGE ourselves for the moment – for the sake of Michael’s personal legacy.

filthy pressWhether or not you support Mrs. Jackson’s action in bringing this case, MJTN would ask everyone to think carefully before posting links to articles which reference the trial. Many tabloid journalists are aware that using the Jackson name as a headliner attracts fans and haters alike and they will stop at nothing to get our attention, boosting ratings and/or circulation. Stacy Brown – who purports to be a “long-time friend” of the Jackson family – has recently written several misleading and nasty articles containing false and inflammatory details for which there is no substance. DO NOT BE FOOLED – he is no more a Jackson sympathizer than Diane Dimond is a “Michael Jackson Expert” – and both of these hacks admit to reveling in the attention they get from causing controversy and hurt to the fans. Without us, they have nothing to work with and would be irrelevant.

Remember – posting and clicking on links to their articles – even if we do so to leave a rebuttal – supports their efforts and helps spread false information. Just opening up a link registers that someone has read the page – regardless of whether we approve the content. Clicks equal money and that is how these hacks get paid. If we feel we must share and express our feelings about an article, it is better to just copy and paste the content rather than the link. If a few of us do this and share with others, it will reduce “clicks.” Perhaps you can look at it in the same way as a “designated driver” who is doing the dirty work so that we can know what is being said but do not have to “feed the beast.” Protesting about the choice of Diane Dimond to cover the trial on CNN is also futile if we are going to tune in and watch. It is the same principle.

Some of you may be aware that the National Enquirer has stooped to new lows this week by printing Michael’s autopsy photograph on its cover and using that same cover as its Twitter avatar. If you come across this rag on a newsstand, you could try speaking to the Store Manager, explaining that you find it offensive and ask for the paper to be removed to a less conspicuous place – such as a top rack. Alternatively, you could just quietly turn them face down, or place them discreetly behind other magazines so that they are not on public view. PLEASE do not purchase them – even if you only want to destroy them – as you will still be rewarding National Enquirer.

We all know Michael’s advice about the tabloids was to ignore them. Easier said than done when we are hungry for information and angry about their behavior. There are some sympathetic articles out there – especially those which support Michael’s artistic achievements – and we are doing a better job on his behalf to share and promote these instead. A good source of positive Michael Jackson information is the blog “All Things Michael” at

Please THINK before you CLICK and PASTE if you have to POST – and let’s try and get through the next few months as painlessly as we possibly can. We must stick together at this time!

Thank you from MJTruthNow!

4 Responses to “Please Don’t Feed The Beast”

  1. MJ WAS A CUTIE PIE April 20, 2013 at 9:38 pm #

    Thank you so much for the mention. Much love.

    • justicepending April 21, 2013 at 8:36 am #

      Thank you for the heartfelt newsletter. It is very sensitively written so that, regardless of what one’s viewpoint is pertaining to the upcoming trial, it encourages the fan base to work together, and provides a concrete lay-out in which to do so.

      Due to the sheer breadth and depth in numbers that comprise the Michael Jackson fan base, we are entrusted with a unique opportunity to exert an enormous level of influence on the media’s portrayal of this sweet soul.

      As the old adage says: “United we stand…”. Let’s stand together and hold Mr. Jackson’s legacy up in honor. Let’s not let the media manipulate our hearts and minds. We are much stronger and wiser than that.

      Thank you for all of the hard work that MJTN puts forth on behalf of Mr. Jackson. It is appreciated much more than any one would know.

  2. Cynthia Kent May 1, 2013 at 8:04 am #

    I could not agree more!

  3. mjlover May 10, 2015 at 10:42 am #

    Thanks for this petition. I love all of you guys. We must stand together all around the world to prove innocence of king of pop.

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